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Technology Sector Performance Index (TSPI)

The TSPI is not merely a diagnostic tool; it serves as a strategic guide offering actionable insights. It allows for city-to-city comparisons, presenting results in visually compelling formats such as radar charts and detailed tables. These insights can be instrumental in shaping policies, initiatives, and strategies aimed at fostering digital transformation and sustainable growth. Moreover, the TSPI takes into account environmental and social dimensions, aligning the tech sector's growth with broader sustainable development objectives.

Future Guidance

The TSPI is an intricate analytical framework developed to assess the performance of the technology sector in various Canadian cities. It employs a dual-model approach—linear and extended—to capture the sector's multifaceted dynamics. The linear model aggregates individual factors in a directly proportional manner, while the extended model incorporates nonlinearities and interactions among these factors. This ensures a nuanced understanding of the sector's performance. The model currently utilizes dummy data.


Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: Evaluates multiple facets of the tech sector, from KPIs to social and environmental impacts.

  2. Dual Modeling: Utilizes both linear and extended models for a more accurate and sophisticated analysis.

  3. City Comparison: Enables users to compare the tech sector performance between two cities.

  4. Actionable Insights: Provides strategic recommendations based on the analysis.

  5. Promotion of Digital Transformation: Acts as a catalyst for adopting digital technologies to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

  6. Sustainability Focus: Ensures alignment with environmental and social considerations.

This comprehensive tool is designed to serve communities, companies, and policymakers by providing a data-driven foundation for strategic planning in the technology sector. It is particularly beneficial for identifying areas of strength and weakness, thereby enabling targeted interventions for sustainable development and digital transformation. The UK has a similar tool called the Local Digital Capital Index

Strategic Tool


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